At The Meeting

Published 4 years ago

His finger slipped between her legs with little effort. She moved her head back and glared at him from the corner of her eyes. Soon her legs opened wider for his searching finger. Soon it had found her clit and was toying with it softly. She moaned and grasped for air as she felt her body getting closer to cumming. She closed her eyes took a deep breathe and began to cum all over his finger. He slide his finger away from her body and placed his hand back onto his head. “ Rebecca.” Their boss’s words interrupted there lust and reminded them that they were in a meeting. “ Do you have the reports from last week? “ She smiled and handed them over. “ This week’s reports was tons better than last weeks Sir.” The two shared a quick wink and the meeting continued as normal; his hand rested on her leg while her fingers moved up and down his package slowly preparing him for what was going to happen during lunch.

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