Business Trip and Double the Fun

Published 4 years ago

It all started with a simple conversation about the presentation and what we all thought about it and quickly lead to the three of us going back to my hotel room. The saying “ What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas “ rang in my ears and I opened my hotel room and let the two pieces of hot horny flesh into my room.


The first.. we will call him Paul because I don’t remember his name, starting kissing me instinctively. His hand ran over all parts of my body and I felt completely safe and horny in his arms at the same time.


The second… we will call him Mark; he went to his knees and quickly had his tongue outlining my thong and his finger was being quickly pushed inside my panties and outlining the wetness around my lips.


It only got better from there, first we removed our clothing and looked over each others bodies without any words. I laid down on the bed and each one rushed to my exposed body.


I had a fat cock in my mouth ( Mark’s) while Paul rushed to take the first sample of my sweet flavored pussy. He licked me into my first orgasm while I sucked Mark into his. I drank his sweet cum while Paul sucked out every drop of mine. Then Paul lifted my legs up and entered my pussy. I groaned and moaned.


Mark went into a 69 position and began to lick my clit while fucking my mouth slowly. He seemed to really enjoy the size of my mouth and how good I was sucking and deep throating him. I was loving it as well. Soon my second orgasm hit me and my cunt grew tight as I came from the licking and the hard fucking from Paul’s massive cock. I was feeling amazing.


Paul drained his cock into my pussy and I could feel it outlining every part of my body and dripping out of me. Mark lifted himself up and lowered his mouth to suck out the cum from my body. It was like nothing I had ever had before and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find a pair of men that could pleasure me in such a way.


We stopped for a few minutes to recharge. We spent the break kissing and rubbing. Each guy had a breast to suck on until my nipples were hard as rocks and I felt like I was going to swim in my pussy juices.


Then Mark said something “ I want your pussy” and Paul nodded and said “ I want your ass.” I looked at both of them with my eyes wide and my heart beating quickly. I couldn’t believe my luck! Double penetration for the first time…


I climbed onto Mark’s cock and it slide into my hole effortlessly but quickly become tight. I moaned and leaned forward so that Paul could enter my only virgin hole. He took a little to slide it and it was hard to do mostly because of Mark pounding my pussy as hard as he could. Then Paul slammed every inch of his meat into me. I screamed and Mark quickly kissed me into a pleasure filled kiss to remove the slight amount of pain I was feeling.


The double fucking felt good. My pussy and my ass was in complete lust. Mark was fucking me so quickly while Paul took his time to go slow and take his time to use my tightness for his benefit.


I started to cum and I couldn’t believe how long my orgasm lasted. I was screaming and moaning and begging for more. Once my screaming had stopped Mark shot a loud into my pussy and I felt it drip out of me. Then Paul filled my virgin hole with his creamy cum and I felt it ooze out of me the moment he pulled out. “ Don’t move.” Paul said as he moved back from me. Mark slide out of my hole and slide down under me and started to lick at my clit all over again. His tongue dipped into my hole and licked up the creamy cum and went back to sucking on my clit after. Then he went to my hole and began going back and forth to each hole and licking the cream from both. I was amazed and I could feel myself getting close to cumming again.


He cleaned both my holes and rushed back to my clit and licked me quickly into a massive orgasm that made my body weak and made it difficult for me to even see.


I laid down on the bed and the guys looked down at my limp cummed out body and smiled. “ Can you handle more baby?” Paul said stroking his cock that was already full sized. I nodded my head and smiled.


The fun started all over again and didn’t finish until the next morning. They left me once I felt asleep my body was drained and each of my holes were large and outlined with the cum they couldn’t lick out. I couldn’t walk much but it was worth is. I love Vegas even more now and couldn’t wait to come back for my next business trip.

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