He Licks Me

Published 4 years ago

He is naked. He kneels before me and spreads apart my legs, and then with gentle warm hands, spreads apart the lips of my pussy. He smiles up at me and sticks out his tongue and licks at my clit as fingers hold open my lips to get every inch of my exposed body. I moan as he digs him thumb into my cunt and moves it in and out slowly as his tongue twirls around my clit and takes it into his mouth and hums over me. I moan again as the moaning surges over my entire body and I close my eyes and lean back to enjoy even second of this oral sex.

We just met and I feel like he’s known me forever. Like he’s read my mind and knows that I love a finger inside me while being licked. He knows already that my deepest love for sex is the oral part. I loved being licked and toyed with and I loved having a man admire my most private part. And I didn’t mind placing my whole mouth over a cock as long as I got to cum first.

Another finger dove into my cunt and began to fuck me a little faster. His mouth and tongue explored my clit and the sides of my lips. He moved slowly at first but now his speed was increasing as he could feel that I was close to cumming and it had only taken a few minutes of his skilled licking.

I moaned again as the power of my orgasum was riding up my body. I looked down at his head between my legs and loved to sight of his blond hair moving up and down as he licked me into a powerful mind numbing orgasm. He nibbled at my clit making the orgasm last longer. He moved a third finger into my cunt and fucked me harder , my wetness making it easy for him to move in and out. His finger toyed with my spot and sent me into a double orgasm. I knew then that I would suck him dry as a thank you for this kind pleasure.

I gather my breath and sat up . He stood up with him licking his lips free of my juices. I smiled and rushed to remove his cock from his pants. I took out the hard pole and wrapped my small hands over it and opened my mouth wide to take it in. I sucked on it and glided my tongue around it.  He groaned and moved his cock in and out of my mouth as I moved my tongue around the very tip.  He held onto my head and started to fuck my mouth harder. I felt the very tip of it travel down my throat and stop. I swallowed to let him feel my mouth contract over his meat. He moaned and moaned and said something in Spanish and he got close to cumming. He moved his cock out slowly and let me suck on it on my own and I felt it shake and I waited until the taste of his cum finally shot into my mouth. Seconds later his seed was traveling down into my stomach. I held my mouth there until all the cum had been drained from his cock. I moved my mouth up and down it’s length to give him one last minute of simple pleasure. I moved back and got up . I grabbed my purse and left the room dripping wet and with the taste of cum in my mouth. I savored it and left the room smiling and happy. I knew I’d never see him again but I was ok with that. It was a special on night stand that provided me with amazing oral sex.



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