I Fucked A Witch

Published 4 years ago

Her skin was as soft as silk. I could touch her and feel instant warmth even though I was cold in the small hotel room. I removed her bra first and her breast poked out towards me and seemed to beg for me to suck them. So I did just that. My mouth took it the hard nipple and sucked and licked around it while my finger toyed with the other. She moaned and silently whispered a spell under her breath. The spell removed my pants and underwear and I felt her hands reach for my cock and stroke me into a massive hard on. It took all my strength not to cum right there in her hand just with my mouth on her nipple and her hand stroking me back and forth and making me feel like a king at that very moment.

It got better from there… Somehow we had moved from the end of the bed to under the sheets wrapped in each others arms. I realized that my cock was in her mouth and her clit was in my mouth. I sucked on it and licked all over it while she forced my cock deep into her mouth. Her mouth grew tight and sucked on me hard. It contracted around my fat cock head and seemed to grow smaller and tighter and it felt like I was fucking her but I wasn’t.

She started to cum but her mouth never stopped working on my cock as I felt her body shake and the I tasted the flavor of her sweet cum onto my tongue. She was as candy sweet witch with cum that tasted like caramel. It made me want more of her and made me wish I could lick her for hours just to savor the flavor of her cum.

She moved down lower and placed her cunt over my cock. She flip us over into a doggie style position that was completely done with magic. I was fucking her hard and she was moving her cunt back and forth over my cock. The feeling was unbelievable I could feel her cunt expand over my dick and I could feel myself going deeper into her body. I’d fuck her deep then withdraw my cock to see it slide into her once again. She moaned and begged for more each time I withdrew my cock and felt like I was missing the warm feeling of her cunt.

She came again and I felt myself close to cumming. She stopped my short of cumming and placed her mouth over my cock and sucked me hard and smoothly as I short my hot seed into the very back of her throat. The feeling of my cum exiting my body and drifting down into her body made me gasp for air. She looked up at me and winked. She twitched her nose and I realized I was having a magical second orgasm. I fucked in and out of her mouth until my second load rushed into her mouth and filled her desire for my cum again.

She withdrew from my cock and smiled at me. Before I could even speak a word of thank you or a word of pleasure she was gone. I smiled and silently wished that she would let me fuck her again because my desire for her was extended that very moment and I couldn’t stand to not fuck her.



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