My Wife and I Having Fun On The Webcam

Published 4 years ago

My Wife and I Having Fun On The Webcam

We decided to have some fun with the webcam in my laptop so we set it up in the bedroom facing the bed and logged into a webcam site to see what would happen. We had watched other couples on this site in the past, but didn't necessarily expect things to get to crazy, we just wanted to let things happen as they would. So we started out sitting on the bed kissing. Our kisses went from lingering closed lips kisses to open mouth to tongues exploring each other's mouth over the next 10 minutes. Finally we heard the tone that told us someone had said something in the chat room. We stopped and saw that we had 1 person watching us and they had asked my wife to take her shirt off. She smiled as I read it and turned toward the camera. She slowly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her stomach. She took her time pulling it over her bra covered breasts and over her head. Finally she took it completely off and dropped it to the floor.


She turned toward me and we began kissing again. I instantly grabbed her breast through her bra and began to massage it, eliciting little moans from her. Suddenly we heard another ding. I looked over and now 5 people were in the chat room watching us. Someone had just instructed my wife to put her hand down my pants. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped the fly before sliding her hand down the front of my boxer briefs. She slowly began to stroke my cock up and down causing me to moan lightly. After a couple of minutes she removed her hand and left my bulge poking out of the open fly. I stood up and let my pants fall so I was just wearing my shirt and boxer briefs. I looked over at the screen and a few more messages had come in, mostly encouraging us. One however asked my wife to remove her jeans, which she did quickly without hesitation. We went back to sitting on the bed, her only in a bra and boy shorts and me in boxer briefs and a shirt. We just sat there watching the screen and responding to some of the compliments and such as they were posted. Someone asked me to take off my shirt, which I did leaving me only in the boxer briefs, which at this point had a very obvious precum spot on them (which matched the wet spot that had formed in the crotch of my wife's boy shorts).


A couple people commented on our wet spots and a couple wanted us to just begin fucking, which we declined. Then someone asked me to show my cock. I stood up in front of the camera and grabbed the waist band of my boxer briefs. I slowly began to lower them, exposing more and more pubic hair as I got lower. When the waistband is resting on the top of my cock I stop and step back from the camera with a smile. Numerous people complained about me teasing them but I just ignored them as my wife reached over and began to play with my balls though the boxer briefs. Next someone asked me to take off my wife's bra. She shook her head at that and that resulted in people begging her to let her breasts free. While she was having fun teasing them in the chat room I slowly snuck behind her and suddenly unsnapped her bra, causing it to drop off her chest and her breasts bounced free. She gave me a surprised/dirty look as the chat room cheered. She recovered quickly and without warning reached over and yanked down my boxer briefs, letting my cock jump free and exposing me to the entire chat room. I looked at the messages coming through as people commented on us both and saw that we had 30 people watching. My cock jumped and was dripping precum at the thought of so many people seeing us like this, me naked and my wife in nothing but boy shorts.


Now that I was naked there were even more requests for us to just start fucking and we were up to almost 50 people watching. We didn't want to go that far yet, so we just kept playing with them in the chat room (mostly my wife typing so that she could tease everyone by bending over the keyboard and letting her breasts hang in front of the camera). Occasionally people would ask me to rub my cock or her to rub her pussy (which she always did on the outside of the completely soaked crotch of her boy shorts. Finally someone told me to stand up and my wife to kneel down in front of me and let me fuck her mouth. We did as we were told, she kneeled down in front of me and opened her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. It didn't take long before she couldn't stand it and her hand worked it's way down into her panties and began playing with her pussy, just in view of the camera. There were a lot of people cheering us on and even more asking her to take the panties off and show what she was doing. Finally the crowd won and I let her get up, leaving my now soaked cock swinging in front of the camera. She stood in front of the camera and slowly pulled her panties down. People cheered her on as her panties crept down, inch by inch, slowly exposing her bush to the world. Finally she was fully exposed and in no time her fingers plunge back into her pussy as she groaned and moaned near orgasm. Her juices were dripping down her fingers and legs. After a couple of minutes I gently pushed her over onto the bed with her pussy facing the camera. I pulled open the folds of her lips and let everyone see inside as I slowly worked my finger inside her and played with her clit with my thumb. At this point there were 65 people in the room and most were demanding that I fuck her. Finally she turned on her side and faced the camera so that everyone could see her full naked body as she was bent over the bed. She grabbed my cock and pulled me over to the bed.


I took the hint and pushed her onto her back. In one quick motion my cock plunged into her with a loud gasp from both of us. I thrust into her as fast as I could and attacked her nipples with my mouth. She began screaming and yelling. We completely lost track of the chat room as we both had only one thing on our minds, our quickly approaching orgasm. Finally I gave a quick thrust and buried my cock as deep inside her as I could. I started to explode and she let out a yell as shot after shot of cum filled her milking pussy. We both kept cumming for what felt like forever, until I collapsed on top of her. We lay their gasping for air, my cock slowly shrinking inside her and I looked over at the computer. By the end we had 115 people watching us having sex. Many of them asked us to go again, but we couldn't get up. Eventually we both waved and I reached over and closed the computer. I rolled off of her and we hopped up on the bed. She cuddled right up next to me with her breasts pressing into my chest and my now semi soft cock pushing against her still dripping pussy. We kissed quickly and fell asleep just like that.

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