Off The Clock

Published 4 years ago

Meet Natalie! Caught your eye, eh?

“All the girls talk about you two,” Natalie confessed.  “They think you’re cool for old married folks.” 

“Old married folks?  Is that what they think of us?”  I teased the new girl. 

She quickly amended, “I mean… they all trust you guys.  Shit, Sarah stayed with you for like a week, right?” 

“Yeah, and Hoot tips good!” the Mrs. added.  Always a source of debate–the wife’s a strict 25% tipper.  Me, I round up.  Way up!

Natalie wasn’t on the clock this night.  She was hanging out with some friends, but when they made plans to join others at another bar, including Nat’s ex beau, she wasn’t interested.  “Why don’t you join us?” I asked.  She agreed.

“He’s a dick,” Natalie explained.  “We went out for a couple of months and I found out he was seeing someone on the side.  He lied.  I followed him.  Caught him red-handed.”

Natalie helped us finish a couple pitchers of beer.  Just like the Mrs., she loves Blue Moon!  With each glass she got looser with the details.  “I don’t get mad.  I get even.  I went out with his little brother.  Gave him the best head he’s ever had.  Let the little shit tape the whole thing on his Flip.  Show that to your brother!”  This kind of talk makes my wife uneasy.  Works wonders for me. 

She continued, “You guys ever seen a Flip?  I got one.  Coolest video camera ever.”  She fumbled in her bag and pulled out the gem.  “Here, tape us,” she demanded, showing me which button to push.  Natalie moved over to pose with the Mrs.  Mocking a kiss and pretending to tongue my wife’s cheek, she mugged for the camera.  “It takes great stills too.  Look,” she grabbed the camera to change settings, and handed it back to me.  “Are you ready?” she smiled, all at once dropped her top to reveal a perfect little tit.  Click, I did!  Nice pic of her, if I do say so myself.  “I’ll email that one to you when I get home!” she promised.  I made sure she had my email address before we parted.

We polished off the beer and made our way home.  The email came through that night.  Enjoy the pic.  I know I do.

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