Photos on the Beach

Published 4 years ago

Photos on the Beach

We are out on the beach on a bright, warm sunny day taking pictures for a tourism brochure.  I'm taking various pictures of the landscapes and trees and such.  I'm wearing a pair of beige cargo shorts and a dark green T-shirt.  You are wearing a pair of low rise jeans and a short t-shirt, which leaves your midriff bare.  We both left our shoes in the car so we are walking through the sand barefoot.  
You are helping out by trying to point out scenic shots, however I'm getting a bit frustrated by the fact the beach is empty and we can't get any shots with people having fun in them.  I mention this and you waste no time running out on to the beach and dancing along the water line.  I take pictures of you as you twirl and jump in the shallow water, causing it to splash up slighly.  I take some more as you stand with your arms resting on your head watching the waves and end with you reaching up toward the sun while facing the camera.  
I tell you that having shots with a beautiful woman in them will definitely help, but that it is too bad we couldn't get any with one in a bikini.  I say this with a smile on my face, joking about it.  You look at me thoughtfully though and then nod and agree.  Before I know what you are doing, you reach down and pull your shirt over your head, revealing a sky blue bra.  You ball the shirt up and throw it up the beach so that it is clear of the water.  

I start taking pictures quickly, not sure what you are planning.  You reach down and unbutton your pants.  You slowly lower the zipper, obviously teasing me, and reveal the front of a matching pair of panties.  You slowly work your way out of the pants, taking care not to let them fall in the water.  When you finally get them off you toss them up with your shirt and do a quick spin.  I let out a quiet gasp as I see you're wearing a thong and I get a glimpse of your beautiful ass.  My cock throbs under my shorts as you smile at me.
You say that it isn't exactly a bikini, but it should be good enough.  I smile and nod and continue taking pictures as you play in the waves.  You sit down facing the ocean and let the waves climb over you, you flip on to your stomach and let the water pool around you, and then you stand up and walk out until the water is about waist deep and smile at me as I take pictures.  I lower the camera after the last shot and you walk back up the beach to me.  I watch you as the wet fabric of your thong clings to you, revealing the outline of your shaved pussy.  I can feel my cock drooling precum into my boxer briefs.  As you get closer I can see the outline of your nipples pushing against your bra.  You take the camera from me and look at the pictures I have taken.  Once you finish you turn to me and comment on the fact that for balance we really should have some pictures with a handsome man in them enjoying the sun.  I smile at you and ask you where you plan to find one of them out here on the deserted beach.  You give me a playful shove and pull up on my shirt.  I decide to play along and I take it off.
Before you can say anything I head down the beach into the water and begin to move about doing shots similar to your standing ones, except I move out until I'm up to mid thigh.  You take some pictures and then you stop and walk down to me.  You get next to me and lean in close.  I feel your hand work it's way up the leg of my shorts and begin to lightly caress my cock through my boxer briefs as you whisper that it's only fair if I do some in just my underwear since I have so many of you.  I smile but shake my head because I know that my boxer briefs are hiding nothing and we wouldn't be able to use the shots.
You aren't about to let me get away with that though.  Before I can stop you you unbutton and unzip my shorts and they fall into the water at my feet.  You run up the beach a ways and begin snapping pictures of me standing there with a shocked look on my face and a bulge in my underwear.  
I reach down and pull off my shorts, throwing them up on the beach.  I let you take some shots of me playing in the surf, sitting in it, and standing just deep enough to cover my cock (but still letting the waist band be seen above the water).  I then come out and look down.  I see that my white boxer briefs have turned completely transparent now that they are wet.  You giggle and continue snapping pictures of me with my cock clearly exposed.  I shrug and grab the waistband.  You gasp but continue taking pictures as I peel them off and let my cock free.  I lean back my head and let out a loud moan as the warm sun hits my cock.

I recover and I head out into the water until it is chest deep.  I look at you, begging you to come in.  You drop the camera under our clothes and you head out, still wearing your bra and panties.  You quickly reach me and I pull you into a long kiss.  Our tongues furiously explore each others mouths as you feel my cock push between your legs.  You begin to rub your pussy up and down my cock and groan into my mouth.  Eventually, my hand reaches between your legs and pulls aside the thong, exposing your pussy.  My fingers work their way inside you as you grab ahold of my cock and begin to stroke it furiously.  
It only takes a couple minutes before you jump on me and pull my cock into your pussy. You hump me as fast as you can as I do my best to match your rhythm.  We thrust together in the water faster and faster, knowing it won't be long before we both cum.  Suddenly, we both explode into fierce orgasms.  My cock pumps burst after burst of cum inside you as your hungry pussy milks it for everything it can get.  You remain wrapped around me as my cock softens and I slolwy carry you out of the water.  Once we are back on the beach we both collapse onto the sand.  I reach over and remove your thong and bra leaving you lying naked on the beach just like me.  We cuddle there, letting the warm sun dry us off as we gently dose.

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