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Published 4 years ago

I am a 36-year-old married bisexual woman. I have been attracted to women for as long as I can remember. I would like to tell you about my first real love affair with a woman.

When I was, 15, I had a crush on my girlfriend who was 17. I thought about her and thought about kissing her, constantly. One afternoon I asked her, if she would show me how to kiss so that I would know better how to kiss a boy. She reluctantly agreed.

I put my arms around her and held her close. Our lips touched. It was very exciting for me. My lips parted and I stared to probe her mouth with my tongue. At the same time, I squeezed her butt and my hand started to explore under her dress. She freaked out and left. We never talked about it, again. However I thought about it many times, over the next few years.

I lost my virginity to a boy, when I was 17. It was a little painful and not very fulfilling. I found myself growing more and more interested in women. In fact, every time I pleasured myself I would fantasize about making love with another woman. (And still do.) I lusted after the women in "Cosmo" and other women's magazines. I didn't have the opportunity to act on my desires for many years.

When I was 22 and in college, I had a very strong crush on my math teacher, Ms. Julie Smith. She was tall, about 5'9" short brown hair, deep brown eyes, very athletic, with full pouty lips and firm small breasts and a gorgeous ass. It was rumored that she was a lesbian.

I tried flirting with her every way I knew how. I looked deep into her eyes and smiled every chance I got. I let my skirt hike up and crossed my legs provocatively. I wore tight sweaters and tight jeans. Sometimes, I would come to class without a bra, showing cleavage. NOTHING seemed to work. I sort of gave up on it. I passed the class with an A minus.

Just before the start of the next semester, I met Ms. Smith walking across the campus. She smiled and walked over to me and said, "Hi Kathy." She put out her hand to shake mine and our eyes met. This time there was a spark of desire and recognition as she squeezed my hand. She asked me if I would like to go to a small dinner party that she was having the following Friday. I told her I would love to!

All week, I was in heaven but, worried about what to wear. I chose a long black tight skirt with a white silk blouse. A small gold pendent accentuation my cleavage slightly. (I am 34C) I put on my favorite perfume, Maha.

When, I arrived at her home at 6:30, there were already two couples there. All women. One was an obvious butch lesbian with a very fem girl friend. The other two women were older and had been living together for along time. A short time later another couple arrived both were young and very attractive women, recent college grads. They came holding hands and during most of the evening couldn't seem to keep there hands off of each other.

I was very nervous early in the evening but, after a few glasses of wine, I felt very comfortable with these women. They were very nice, although I did sense a lot of sexual energy in the room. We talked about music, the theater and politics.

Julie cooked a delicious dinner. She asked, "Who wants dessert?"

Joey, the butch lesbian giggled and said, "I think, Julie wants Kathy for dessert."

I blushed and Julie got a little upset.

Soon, we finished dessert and coffee. As we walked into the living room, I noticed the two young women kissing passionatly in the kitchen. It looked very sensual and erotic.

In about an hour, the women left and Julie and I where alone.

Julie said, "Come hear and sit with me on the sofa Kathy." She patted the sofa next to her. When I sat down, she immediatley took my face in her hands and kissed me fully and warmly on the lips.

She said, "I've wanted to do that from the first moment you walked into my class. You used to drive me wild with desire but, I have a rule not to date any of my students." Then, she kissed me again more passionatly.

I melted into her arms. Her tongue probed deep into my mouth as her hands started to explore my body.

"Kathy, I am in love with you. I want to give you pleasure as only one woman can give another."

Julie took my hand and lead me into the bedroom. As we entered the bedroom, she turned to me and we kissed again. This time she held me close and thrust her hips into me and squeezed my butt playfully. We stood there kissing and swaying slightly.

Julie whispered, "Let's get more comfortable." Then, she started to undress.

I slowly removed my clothes as I stared at her. She had a fantastic body, a small waist and perky breasts with dark aereolas. Her mound was shaved. I had never seen a woman with a shaved pussy before.

Julie gasped and said "Kathy, you are gorgeous!" She took me into her arms.

I felt her soft skin and firm body press to me as we kissed. I became delirious with passion.

Julie took my breasts and cupped them in her hands looking at them lovingly. She leaned down and kissed first one then the other. She concentrated on one nipple sucking it slowly into her mouth while her hand caressed my mound. Her finger found my clit. She touched and rubbed it, while she sucked my nipple. It was like an electric shock! My knees almost buckled as I shuddered with a powerful orgasm.

Julie stepped back and tasted her fingers. "Delicious Kathy... and you are my dessert." She gently pushed me back on to the bed.

We kissed and I felt her fingers enter my vagina. I pushed my hips into her hand letting her "fuck me" with her hand and fingers as we kissed. Her head moved slowly down my body, her tongue drawing wet circles on my stomach.

I looked down and saw her head lovingly between my legs. I felt her gently suck one of my labia lips then the other. Her tongue darted in an out of my vagina. She licked and sucked my clit hungraly. I started writhing and squirming under her. I was panting and moaning very loud. I felt her middle finger enter my vaginal canal and she stroked the inner front wall of my vagina sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. (I later discovered this was my "G" spot.) Her mouth found my clit at the same time and she licked and sucked. I screamed as I had a mind blowing orgasm. I took her head and ground my pussy into her willing mouth. My breath was coming in panting gasps.

"How can I please you Julie!!!" I asked her.

"You just did my dear. This night is for you. It gives me great pleasure to love you like this."

We kissed and cuddled for awhile. I touched her soft smooth wet pussy. I loved the feel. She put a pillow under my butt and spread my legs wide. She mounted me, her clit touching mine. She started to grind into me, her hips thrusting, our labia and clits rubbing against each other. She was fucking me! She kissed me almost frantically just before she climaxed!

Julie moaned "I love you, I love you, I love you." This triggered another mind numbing orgasm for me. I wraped my legs around her as we basked in the warm glow of post sex. She whispered into my ear, "I love you Kathy." Afterward, she held me close and we drifted into a peaceful sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I was a little disoriented. I reached over and touched her, my lover. She turned over with her back to me her butt snuggled against me spoon like. I wanted so much to kiss her pussy.

I reached around and cupped her breast and caressed and played with her nipple until it became firm. I stroked her thigh. She snuggled closer her legs parting. My hand caressed her warm smooth pussy. I loved the feel of her. I inserted a finger between her labia lips and explored. She started to breathe faster. My finger found her clit as she shuddered. I wanted so much to kiss her there, to taste my lover.

I moved myself between her thighs and gently kissed her labia. I loved the feel of her soft warm labial lips. I parted them with my fingers and licked them, slowly. They became slippery with her love juices. I sucked each one into my mouth as she had done to me earlier. She tasted musky. I learned to love that taste. She started to moan. I flicked the tip of my tongue over her clit. Her thighs trembled.

Julie whispered "Kathy, turn around and get on top of me. I want us to cum together."

As I turned around and lowered my pussy to her face, we were in the classic "69" position. I instantly resumed my kissing, licking and sucking at her sex. I felt her hands on my butt cheeks, pulling me to her mouth. We both sucked hungrily and lovingly on each others clits until we both had a very strong orgasm almost together. We cuddled together this way for along time, lovingly kissing and licking each other. I felt very natural and really enjoyed making love with this woman.

The above was the beginning of a 6 months relationship. Julie was a fantastic lover, who taught me about love and sex between two women. We went to lesbian bars, the theater and movies together. The relationship ended badly. She became insanely jealous and possessive.

I went a little crazy for the next year and became very promiscuous with both, men and women. I finally settled down and eventually dated only men. (I think I was in denial) I have been married for 7 years now. I have had one two-year affair with a married girl friend but, that is another story.

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