Strip Poker

Published 4 years ago

Have a look at Sarah!  She’s a sight for longing eyes, eh?

It was a winter power outage that found us hosting one of our favorite Hooters Girls, Sarah, in our home.  The ice storm was severe and she was told it could be as many as five days before electricity would be restored to her building.  My wife and I offered a room, warmth in front of the fireplace, and a few days of fun as the winter storm made it most undesirable to be out and about.  We sat enjoying our first evening together, sipping some wine and eating cheese and crackers when Sarah suggested Strip Poker.

“I haven’t done anything like that since college”, the Mrs. giggled with a nervous by intrigued look in her eyes.

“Hell, there’s no way you two are going to beat me at poker, and I’m all for watching you get naked!” I laughed.

The next thing I knew, my ass was sitting there in my boxers, both Sarah and the wife enjoying every moment–and both fully dressed.  “Four of a kind!  Give up the drawers!” my wife tossed her hand face-up on the table and both she and Sarah laughed wildly.  Damn!  I know you don’t stop by my blog to read about Hoot being naked!  What the hell happened?

“I feel sorry for him”, Sarah offered.  “What do you say we sympathy-strip?”  With that the girls took another swig of their wine and began to peel off their clothing. 

First Sarah pulled her shirt over her head.  My wife followed.  They giggled–and never really took their eyes off each other, which I found pretty exciting.

Next Sarah unhooked her bra and let if fall over her arms to her wrists, swung it playfully and tossed it at my wife.  She had perfect tits!  The Mrs. set Sarah’s bra behind her on the floor and slowly unhooked hers, holding the cups in place with her hands, nervously biting her lip.

“Let me see ‘em!” Sarah encouraged.

With that, my wife tossed her bra playfully towards Sarah’s and looked at me.  Her eyes seemed to say, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’  I smiled big and nodded assurance to her.  She reached for another gulp of her wine.

Sarah had already stood and begun to untie the string of her sweatpants.  In a smooth motion she slid the pants down, bending in such a way as to give us a very provocative view of the powder-blue thong she was wearing.  “Victoria’s Secret”, she said, as she adjusted the thong for our view. 

My wife had either suddenly gotten into this, or resolved herself to it.  When I turned back her direction her shorts were off and she shot back, “Mine too!”, as she ran her hand over the darker blue satin panties that she wore.

“You ready Card Shark?”, Sarah joked, looking at me.

“You guys are doing so well, you don’t want me to mess this up”, I quipped.

“All at once”, she suggested.  My wife agreed, “All at once, honey.”

I’ll spare you the rest.

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