susan and priscilla

Published 4 years ago

You guys know me from before, my name is Susan and I have a roommate that her name is Carmen, you know that we have had very good times together but I am the star in this story and she doesn't even know this happened, if she knew, she would feel jealous, so don't tell her.

Carmen had left on a business trip and the day before I gave her a super farewell intimate party, we ate pussy like crazy and she couldn't even wake up from bed the next day, that's how tired I got her!!

The very next day Carmen left a beautiful brunette with blue eyes and shapely body knocked on my door. I was naked playing with my vibrator and when I went to the door and saw that beauty I put on a very sexy nightgown, although it was like 2:00pm.

I opened my door and asked her how I could help her and she told me that she was Priscilla, the new neighbor and wanted to introduce herself to all the neighbors. I looked at her from top to bottom and I told her, oh, hi, my name is Susan and I also have a roommate who's on a business trip and her name is Carmen. But you'll meet her later. Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee, I asked. She looked at me and said, no, I guess I woke you up; I don't want to be inconsiderate.

I said, girl, no, I'm in these clothes because that's the way I like to dress at home. By the way let me tell you that she had on a very long skirt and a long sleeved super covered blouse, but she looked fantastic with her small but firm breasts and her tiny waist and big and rounded but. So she said, it's ok, I'll take a tea instead, and do you have tea? I said, yes don't worry come in.

She came in and we sat in the kitchen meanwhile I was preparing the tea. We talked about everything and soon enough we discovered that we had a lot of things in common. I also noticed that she was a very smart and educated girl. Knowing that she was educated and smart made me even more aroused, but I couldn't figure out what her preferences were.

But, surprise!! She kept looking at my body and I started getting suspicious. I asked her, do you have a boyfriend, lover, husband, girlfriend or what? She said, I'm single and want to keep single. Men have been so terrible to me that I don't want them around ever!!! I understand, I said, women are more comprehensive and caring, have you tried a lesbian relationship? Oh no, I'm homophobic!!! I don't want to have anything to do with lesbians!!!

I said, oh well, that's your decision and I respect it. Why you ask? Are you a lesbian? I said, no, no, I was just asking. Then we kept chatting for a few more hours and we even cooked dinner together. I really like this bitch, but she is denial of her sexuality, she must like me because I have caught her staring at me several times, I thought to myself. 

So how do you fulfill your sexual needs? I asked her. And she said, I don't, I'm just dry inside. Bitch if I do to you what I know, you' won't think you're dry, I thought. Anybody is dry inside, is just that you haven't found the right person for you and that's it I said. She said, maybe, but I'm not interested in looking.

Just by looking at her I was getting hotter and hotter. The way she talked, laughed and moved was making me go crazy and I had to have her pussy in my lips. I said, would you like to move from the kitchen to my bedroom/living room? We are going to be more comfortable there. She said, ok, and so we did. But it wasn't a good idea for me because the bed, my passion, and Priscilla. I was going wild inside!!!

She kept talking and started saying that she felt so empty and alone and that she really need it someone to love her. She started telling me her stories with men and started crying I hugged her and she told me that she was feeling tired that she'd better go back home. Then I told her, why don't you sleep here, this is a futon and you can easily sleep here, I'll fix it for you so you won't feel so alone.

I think I found my best friend in you, you're so kind. Ok I'll sleep here but just if you let me fix breakfast for you tomorrow, Priscilla asked. Deal, I said. But little she know that I had my second thoughts about her sleeping there and I didn't care what happened as a consequences of what I was going to do.

I fixed her the bed and she came back from her house dressed in sleepwear, long pajamas and all the deal, but she still looked sexy to me and I wanted her!!! She went to bed and I told her I was going to watch television for a while. But what I really wanted was for her to fall asleep completely so I could go on with my plan.

Finally, like almost midnight she falls soundly asleep. I woke up from bed and went to the drawer and got the hand-coughs. I also went to the kitchen and got some wide tape. I went to my secret hideout and got my strap-on vibrator and went back to the room.

When I got back to the room, I locked her hands and feet to the bed. She woke up and asked me what was going on, and I told her that I was going to gave her some lessons that she was never going to forget. She started talking loud asking me to unlock her, and that excited me even more.

Listen if you don't shut the fuck up bitch I will have to put this tape over your beautiful lips and I don't want to. She started yelling and asking what I was going to do to her. I said, enough, tape for you sweetie, and I covered her mouth with tape. Then I ripped her clothes off of her and got even more excited with what I saw. She had the biggest pussy I've ever seen and it was going to be all for me, I thought. I made a strip tease for her and went straight to nibble on her tits. They were so sweet and wonderful I was cumin just by sucking on them. Then I kept kissing her all over until I got to her pussy. 

I started to pass my tongue on her shaved pussy all around her clit but without touching it. Sweetly and softly I was biting, licking, nibbling on it and she was screaming with her mouth closed. I finally started eating her clit and tonguing her in and out and she got very excited, she was about to cum, before she came, I put on my strap on vibrator and started penetrating her.

She was so wet that we didn't need lubricant for her. I finished my job and I took the tape out of he mouth and she had a shy smile on her face. She told me, I disguised you!!! I told you that story of me being homophobic and you'd fall for it. It made you feel really excited didn't it?

What you're talking about? I asked. I am saying that I've been a lesbian for 10 years now and I disguised you!!!! I made up that entire story to see if I could get you excited, and it worked!!! Priscilla told me. I don't object of telling you that lie, because it has been the most amazing sex I've ever had!!!

I've been thinking about doing this since I saw you the other day coming from the park with your tight biker shorts and short tank top. You looked so amazing that I said that you had to be for me.

Is your roommate a lesbian? Priscilla asked. We are both bisexual and we've been having a secret affair ever since we discovered it, I answered. Good, maybe we can have a lot of fun the three of us or maybe you want to keep this our little secret, Priscilla whispered in my ear.

I said, ok, we'll keep it a secret, but now that I know you're a lesbian, you're going to eat my pussy as well or better than I did my little whore. We fucked for the rest of the night; I don't know what I'm going to do when Carmen gets back!!

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