The Best Part of Being an Escort

Published 4 years ago

He was paying me for this; that made me even more horny. The fact that I was doing something I love doing and getting paid to do it was the best part of being an escort. I was on my knees with his somewhat small cock inside my cunt my eyes open and his hands pulling on my long curly hair while I looked the money sitting on the table. It was considered a donation but for me it was a new car or maybe a nice new dress.

The spanking of his hand on my ass interrupted my day dream of shopping. He pulled out of me just then and bent down under my body and quickly began to lick my clit. I moaned and hummed to myself. “ Scream for me baby.” He ordered and I did as said. I screamed out his name ( Mark) and enjoyed the feeling he was giving me at my most sensitive location. I was in complete lust at the moment I began to really scream and started to cum all over his face. He slide away from me and I knew I had to swallow down some cum at the very moment.

My mouth met his cock and I quickly began to deep throat my client. I took him deep and looked up at him as I sucked on his cock with complete passion. “ Fuck yeah!” He yelled and quickly began to fuck my mouth quickly. I hated when a guy did that but at this moment I was so horny because of the money I didn’t give a fuck. He slide his cock deep inside my throat and his hot cum traveled into my throat only after a few minutes of his hard and fast mouth fucking. I licked him into a silent hum as I cleaned his cock with my pointed tongue and rubbed his balls softly to make sure every part of his cum was inside my mouth. He tasted sweet with a little bit of sourness at the very end. I can honestly say he had to best tasting cum of all the cum I had swallowed down in the 4 years I’d be a paid slut.

My alarm went off that very moment and I got up to clean up and put my clothes back of. “ Care to go again?” He said with the biggest smile over his face. I smiled at him sweetly but said “ I have another appointment.” I grabbed the money and walked to the door. “ You can call me next time you are in town for another session.” I opened the door and walked out with the taste of cum in my mouth and an envelope that was full of $1000. I loved my job at that moment and I still have 4 more clients to fuck and suck for the rest of the day. That’s the best part of being a high class escort- the money and the ability to get fucked whenever I wanted and enjoy every moment of it.

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