Tribute to the Fertility Goddess Mandy Flores

Published 4 years ago

In the Sexual Temple of the Fertility Goddess Mandy, Her worshipers excitedly await Her arrival in the packed great hall, dressed in their service robes and under watch by Her all-female Priestess Guards, dressed in gold armor over their maroon hooded robes. The large doors at the front of the hall open, the High Priestess steps through, and announces, “Hail the arrival of your Goddess Mandy!” The worshipers all assume masturbatory positions, the guys on their knees and leaned back on a hand with the women in a one-handed crab position, all aiming their easily exposed and horny genitals at their Sexual Goddess, they masturbate to Her and chant, “All hail our Goddess Mandy!” As a fanfare is played, the Goddess Mandy arrives with Her entourage of additional Priestess Guards and nude male servants locked in chastity, and smiles at the aroused worshipers masturbating to Her arrival.

Completely nude but for Her gold jewelry and heels, the Goddess Mandy is the very essence of a fertility goddess with Her perfect female body coveted by all. Seeing Her magnificence in person causes all of Her worshipers to climax, spilling their cum in Her honor onto their Holy Scriptures at their feet, erotic images of their Divine Sexual Goddess. But the spilled cum doesn't stain the Holy Scriptures, they absorb the sexual fluids and funnel their feel and energy to the Goddess, giving Her pleasure as She feels the warm cum on Her skin. The Goddess Mandy inhales with delight feeling the power transfer from all the orgasms and spilled cum in Her honor, giving Her a warm, post-coital glow, and smiles to Herself, “I love how My disciples wish there were more hours in the day for them to worship Me more. I have got to pay Miss a visit, and talk to Her about lengthening the days. Among the other things We've been meaning to do together...,” hungrily licking her lips as Her smile becomes sexily devious with Her wandering mind.

The High Priestess commands, “Rise, and prepare to be chosen from by our Divine Goddess to offer Her Tribute in the Sacred Ritual!” The Guards move into the crowd, keeping the eager worshipers at bay as Goddess Mandy moves through them, and sort through the crowd for Her as She selects eight men and eight women for the Ritual. The disciples try to touch their Divine Goddess and hold out their Scriptures as proof of their devotion and worth, showing a record of how much cum they have spilled in Her honor, in hopes of being selected. The 16 lucky followers chosen, the High Priestess orders, “The 16 have been chosen! Kneel for your Goddess Mandy, and mourn Her departure!” The people all kneel and chant, begging, “Please don't leave us, Goddess Mandy,” and the fanfare is played as the Sexual Goddess leaves with Her entourage.

Deeper in Her Temple, the chosen followers are prepared for the Ritual by male slaves, who disrobe them and ensure they are clean and fit for the undertaking ahead. The 16 are brought to the ceremonial chamber, where the Goddess Mandy lounges on a padded dais, perfectly illuminated in a column of golden light that warmly illuminates the circular and otherwise dark chamber around Her with Her glory. Attended by Her servants, all of whom remain shadowed even in the column of light, one uses a strap-on to fuck Her pussy as another holds a vibrator to Her clit. While the 16 were partially aroused with excitement for what's to come, entering the chamber instantly makes them fully aroused with the sight of their Sexual Goddess being pleasured, and Her sensual moans and the divine scent of Her wet pussy filling the chamber.

The Goddess glances at the arrivals with a little smile full of intentions, instantly making the women dripping wet and the men leak precum for Her. The disciples are put in an alternating gender circle around the Divine Goddess, who brings Her finger to Her mouth to seductively but gently lick the tip, licking up all the precum for Her to taste, and making the guys shudder hard feeling Her tongue and nearly cum hard from the sensation. The Sexual Goddess then seductively but gently licks between Her index and middle finger, licking up all the juices running down the women's legs and from their pussies, tasting them as well, as they too nearly cum hard from the sensation. The Goddess Mandy then returns to the single finger to give a gentle suck to the tip, making the eight male disciples instantly blow their loads with intense orgasms as their cum shoots into Her mouth from Her finger tip. She then returns to Her split fingers, where with a gentle, single flick of Her tongue where the clitoris would be, She instantly makes the chosen eight females cum hard as their cum gushes into Her mouth from between Her fingers.

Despite the intense orgasms given to them by their Divine Sexual Goddess, the chosen all remain fully aroused, and the High Priestess tells them, “Pray to your Goddess in thanks for being chosen, and for the Godly pleasures you have been graced a mere taste of and for the greater pleasures you are about to receive!” The 16 assume the tripod masturbatory positions to play with themselves to the Goddess being pleasured before them, and pray in thanks. Her slaves make Her cum, collecting Her squirt in a special chalice, and the climaxing Deity immediately makes the worshipers cum well, shooting their cum onto Her as if Her trivial slaves weren't there, intensifying Her pleasure.

The orgasms end, the chosen 16 still remaining fully aroused despite two fantastic orgasms, the servants disengage the Goddess Mandy, and Her skin absorbs the offering of cum as She inhales in pleasure and Her radiant glow becomes greater. The High Priestess takes the goblet, and says to the worshipers, “Kneel, and imbibe of the Holiest of Sacred Fluids in preparation for the Sacred Ritual.” To prevent them from greedily consuming the entire quantity of ambrosia, the High Priestess pours the desired quantity into the worshipers' open and thirsty mouths. The Goddess Mandy's freshly-squeezed juice stirs potent sexual energy deep inside the chosen, and the Priestess brings the jeweled cup to the Goddess for Her to ingest the rest of Her delectable secretion for Herself.

All of the Sexual Goddess' servants and the High Priestess move to the walls to watch with the other Guards as She says to those chosen, “You have been selected by Me, your Divine Goddess Mandy, to pay Tribute for the excellent fertility I provide across the land by worshiping this Body with carnal bliss,” caressing herself. She continues, “But as I am a Goddess, no single mortal could ever hope to satisfy My needs, which is why...” She waves Her hand, and a copy of herself appears beside each of the disciples, “I need 16 of you,” smiling devilishly. The Goddess Mandy continues, “Each of you has been given an Avatar of My Divine Self to engage in worship, and I will experience everything they do simultaneously as I also relish in the joys of watching Myself being pleasured. Now, I know all of you are worried about lasting long enough to truly satisfy me. You're all still just about ready to cum even after two powerful orgasms, and My Holy Sanctums are so exquisite that the pleasure would instantly make you cum with an orgasm the likes of which you have never known. But have no worry, My scent is sustaining you and will keep you fit for the duration, and My squirt is working in its own way to make you ready for My needs.” Her smile growing in excitement, the Goddess Mandy says, “Now..., let the worshiping of Me begin!”

Around the Sexual Goddess on Her dais, Her chosen worshipers get busy pleasuring Her Avatars, and She feels the eight men and eight women kissing Her, caressing Her, and sucking Her tits, slowly working their way down Her exquisite body. For the moment, the disciples pay only passing attention to Her pussy and ass as they continue on to Her legs and feet before returning for proper adoration of Her cunt and bottom. Along the walls around the ceremonial Ritual, the Priestess Guards pair off to assist each other in enjoying the show with self-enjoyment not fulfilling enough, while Her male slaves locked in chastity suffer, adding to the enjoyment of the Goddess.

The Goddess Mandy feels Her butt caressed as 16 mouths start exploring Her pussy, preparing Her for 16 simultaneous orgasms as they focus on Her clit. Her followers move to tongue Her pussy next, each removing a hand from Her behind to rub Her clit, doubling Her pleasure, and causing Her Avatars to squirt into their open and thirsty mouths as they ingest every luscious drop She gives them. She then feels Her worshipers burying their faces between Her butt cheeks to lick and tongue Her asshole as they continue to rub Her clit and now also finger Her pussy through Her Avatars. They make their Sexual Goddess cum even harder with 16 simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasms, aided by the anal stimulation, soaking them in Her mystical squirt and aphrodisiac scent. They change positions for the Goddess to receive oral pleasure to Her clit as Her pussy and ass are finger-fucked, producing the most powerful 16 simultaneous climaxes yet, and with their fingers forced from Her pussy, they switch to rubbing Her clit as they seek to drink up all Her nectar.

Once Her disciples have imbibed all Her juices, the Avatars begin to change, their clits engorge further and enlarge to form clit-cocks. Her obedient followers do not hesitate to begin hungrily sucking and licking, further inflating them to their full size, forcing them to also use their hands. Clit-cocks at full arousal, the worshipers need encouragement to take the majesty fully into their mouths and down their throats, and the Avatars force the worshipers' heads down onto their erections until they are fully throat-fucking their Goddess' clit through Her Avatars' clit-cocks. Around the Holy action, Her Guards have also sprouted clit-cocks, but not nearly as impressive as the Avatars, and begin using them on each other. The Goddess Mandy pumps Her divine cum into Her followers through Her Avatars, each hungrily swallowing all the ambrosia She has to give, to then jerk Her off onto their faces with massive loads. The female disciples then provide titjobs as the males provide thighjobs, leading to immense pearl necklaces. Next, the Sexual Goddess Is treated to Her Avatars receiving footjobs for Her to plaster their feet and legs, followed by Her worshipers' ass cleavage grinding on their members until She spews Her girl cum all up their back and into their hair. The Avatars with the men then gently blow on their ball sacks, causing them to retract up into their bodies to assume ovarian positions, leaving male vaginas in their wake. The Goddess Mandy feels Her clit wrapped in 16 tight pussies as Her worshipers enthusiastically ride Her Avatars cowgirl and cowboy until a volcano of Her cum erupts inside them, overflowing them. They then force their even tighter asses to accept Her Avatars' apparatuses to ride Her reverse cowgirl and cowboy to the point She fills their anal passages with copious amounts of Her jism.

The Avatar clit-cocks finally deflate to their normal clitoral size and shape, and with a lick from Her Avatars to the women's clits, theirs enlarge to nearly the size of the Priestesses' fucking each other around the Divine action, now in larger group action. With 16 mortal cocks and clit-cocks eager to please their Divine Sexual Goddess, the Avatars pair off to engage in hedonistic 69ing with each other, feasting on Her Own Divinity, as cocks and clit-cocks fuck Her heavenly pussy and ass. The pleasures of Her Holy Sanctums too great for mere mortals to stand, they constantly orgasm, pumping more and more cum into Her. But their erections remain strong and they seem to have endless supplies of jism to offer Her in Tribute, allowing them to last and bring their Goddess to orgasm as many times as She desires. With the mixed bag of either/or vaginal and anal sex becoming tiresome after several orgasms, the Goddess Mandy holds up Her hand with index and middle fingers together and then separates them. The erections of those chosen split into two equally-sized appendages for them to double-penetrate their Goddess' Holy Sanctums, doubling Her and their pleasure as the volume of Tribute cum pumped into Her triples.

With the greater satisfaction of the DPs providing quicker and more powerful climaxes and copious volumes of Tribute semen satiating Her needs, the Avatars self-mutual clitoral attention revives their potent clit-cocks that the Goddess Mandy splits in two as well. Her Avatars form a DP daisy chain around the True Goddess as Her Guards form a similar daisy chain around them with help from the slaves, who are butt-fucked by the Guard behind while eating the ass and fingering the pussy of the Guard before them. With the two circles of debauchery surrounding Her, the Goddess Mandy's pleasure builds and builds as She feeds off the sexual energy all around Her and in Her honor. But instead of the previously attained quick releases, those around Her build up to a larger finish, as they bring themselves to the verge of climax, only to back away. They repeatedly edge themselves closer and closer to the point of no return until the entire chamber rumbles with the desperate need of Deities and mortals to orgasm, and the air crackles with the abundance of potent sexual energy.

Finally the time comes, the Avatars fully bury themselves into their partner and turn to aim them at the Goddess Mandy. Her Avatars unleash deluges of Goddess cum into them with intense orgasms made better by the worshipers unloading geysers of jism onto their Sexual Goddess, euphoric in the shared bliss of Her Avatars and the spilling of so much cum in Her honor, as the Guards too unleash their flood of womanly seed into the servants' bowels, whose caged dicks dribble their worthless seed onto the floor from painful, prostate-only orgasms. The power of the orgasms is too much for the chosen mortals, who pass out on the still erect Avatar clit-cocks buried deep inside them, while their own still strong erections sputter with the last of their offerings to their Goddess.

As the Priestesses make the slaves lick up their impure mess soiling the Temple, coated in every drop of the male and female semen fired at Her and feeling the warm fullness of all the jism pumped into Her Avatars, the Goddess Mandy takes a deep, satisfied breath as Her skin absorbs the offering of cum. Her warm glow now even more radiant in Her post-Ritual state, She smiles, “I have got to do this more often. I mean, I deserve it, right?” The chamber erupts with a thunderous, “YES,” from Her Avatars, Priestesses, and bad-mannered servants, who are quickly put back to their cleaning tasks by angry Priestess foot in their back. The Goddess Mandy's smile grows, “Let's get 16 more eager worshipers, then,” and a cheer from the Avatars and Priestesses echos in the chamber.

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