You Wanna See

Published 4 years ago

Do you remember Kelli? She stunned us again.

We sat in Joey’s area because we hadn’t seen her in a while.  We wanted to catch up.  She sent Kelli over to take our drink order as she stepped outside to take a cigarette break.  Those things will kill her–the cold alone at 20 degrees, you had to really want a smoke!

“Guess what I got?” Kelli was giddy as she poured our glasses.  “Some more body art?” I guessed, hoping for a repeat reveal.  “Hardware!” she gave a reckless grin to me first, and then to my wife.  Paying attention to our reactions rather than her pouring, she managed to serve me a glass of nothing but foam.  “Shit! Let that settle a minute.”

“What kind of hardware?” the Mrs. inquired.  That a girl!  I had a good feeling about this because I knew she already had a belly button piercing.  We had seen that when she showed us her tattoos.   Quieting down, so the family with two children sitting behind us wouldn’t overhear, she nodded towards her chest and said “Got my nipples done.”  She took another look at my beer glass.

I studied her chest through her uniform.  I couldn’t see a hint.  Catching my gaze, she offered, “I’ve got a padded bra on so you can’t tell.”  She must have read my mind as I figured I’d talk her into a showing.  She giggled, “I don’t think so.”  “Oh come on!” I pleaded, ”You showed us the tiara, for crying out loud.”  “Hurt like a bitch,” she confessed.  “I thought someone stabbed me in the tit with a hot poker.  I almost chickened out and stopped after one.”  I was stuck on one track, however.  “You going to give us a look?”

Joey was back in no time.  Before long the crowd had thinned.  Kelli got cut early.  She asked if she could join us after she changed.  I agreed, “Only if you lose that padded bra!”  She came out dressed in gray sweatpants and a black tank top–it looked almost identical to the black Hooters top she had worn except without the company logo–and it was very clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  The piercings held her nipples erect.  “Let’s get this out of the way,” she sighed as she sat down, quickly looking around.  With that, she pulled her tank down, straps sliding down her arms–her breasts clearly exposed, and her piercings quite impressive!  She didn’t move to cover them as quickly as I would have thought.  “What do you think?” she asked.

Oh darling!  What do I think?  Uh…

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