Published 3 years ago

Kristin and Hedi are two eighteen year old girls that just graduated high school, they are best friends, next door neighbors and they grew up together. Hedi has fair skin, long blonde hair and C cup boobs. All the boys tell her she looks samantha-rone. Kristin is also a sexy white girl but with a darker skin tone than her friend’s, long brown hair, c cup boobs and her body is more athletic than her friend’s. All the boys tell her she looks like dillion-harper. The two girls have a lot in common when they were both twelve their fathers had divorced their mothers because they had fallen in love with younger women. They and their moms spend so much time together it almost like they live in the same house as the two girls freely go back and forth between each others homes. Read more

Published 3 years ago

In the Sexual Temple of the Fertility Goddess Mandy, Her worshipers excitedly await Her arrival in the packed great hall, dressed in their service robes and under watch by Her all-female Priestess Guards, dressed in gold armor over their maroon hooded robes. The large doors at the front of the hall open, the High Priestess steps through, and announces, “Hail the arrival of your Goddess Mandy!” The worshipers all assume masturbatory positions, the guys on their knees and leaned back on a hand with the women in a one-handed crab position, all aiming their easily exposed and horny genitals at their Sexual Goddess, they masturbate to Her and chant, “All hail our Goddess Mandy!” As a fanfare is played, the Goddess Mandy arrives with Her entourage of additional Priestess Guards and nude male servants locked in chastity, and smiles at the aroused worshipers masturbating to Her arrival.Read more

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